Thursday, October 24, 2013

Holiday to Vanuatu ~ Espiritu Santo ~ Island of the Pacific.

Espiritu Santo ~Vanuatu.
One of the 83 islands of Vanuatu - I recommend this one !
Think magical blue warm water, soft white sand, coconuts, palm trees and sunshine.
We were lucky enough to get away again to spend time together and have
a great time swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and good food.
Using an underwater camera, we have managed to have the lens half under the surface.
Above the clouds .

Barrier Beach House ~ Boutique Resort.
Maximum guests 6 !
Our waterfront fare' (camera doesn't show it well).

Main house for waterfront meal dining.
Beautiful breakfast views.
The bluest water on earth.
Flowers were so brightly coloured.
The Coconut ! LOL
We were here...
Champagne Beach ~ The most beautiful beach we have ever seen.
(First pic is same place - shows clarity of the water).
Champagne Beach.
Who is that man ?
Very happy cattle that live, wandering Champagne Beach. No fences.
"Little Paradise" ~ more super blue water.

Outside the restaurant at Little Paradise.
Back to Barrier Beach for a rest.
Captain Kayak.
Happy Days...

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