Friday, August 6, 2010

Vegie Patch Friday

What to do on a sunny Friday... the vegie patch ! So nice to be outside, in the warm winter sunshine and listening to the birds - mainly Kookaburras laughing at us.

Composted with stolen, over the fence, cow poo - bucketed by moi ! Also Shea Oak compost / much and ash from the combustion fire. Here's hoping for a huge, lush crop come Spring.
Planted so far are; Garlic, spring onion, watermelon, rock melon, leek, peas, butternut pumpkin, chilli, brussel sprouts, ginger, kale, eggplant, parsnip, rosemary, thyme & basil.

But whats those two white animals in the distance I see...?

We are in a rural area so possibly sheep grazing ?

Its the Islands rare, hardly seen, grazing Samoyeds. Never photographed in their natural habitat. Shhhhhhh....