Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas on the Island 2013

So this is Christmas....
Peace to all.
We have made a decision to go vegetarian.
I have to say, we did not miss the traditional meat at all.
We made a vegetarian wellington with all the traditional roast vegetables. It was delicious.
Of course we did make a fruit pudding and pavlova !
Jeff preparing the fruit mince pie pastries.

Jeff & a very hopeful Shadow in the kitchen.
Preparing the layers in the Vegetable Wellington.

It has char grilled eggplant, capsicum, artichoke and a layer of creamed rice within the pastry.
Voila ! Wellington.
Fruit mince pies cooling on the rack.
Santa's on the table.
It must be Christmas !

Oh the Pavlova....mmmm
The main feast, minus a beast !

Popping the cork.
Pudding !

Its a big day for a big puppy.
Merry Christmas to all x