Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whats in a Letterbox?

Letterboxes are quite variant depending on the individual, location, accommodation, economic status, care factor etc etc. They can depict a little insight on the people living there. For example, living in a country area a popular theme is to "make do" with what you have for a letterbox. Farmers popular choice is a metal milk container on its side and painted to the individuals taste.

Or you could simply use that old dryer again that wasnt drying anymore!

The previous owner of this property, their choice was a small metal garbage can, on its side, with hinged lid...mmmmm. IT HAD TO GO!

So the new, almost completed version is Currently Under Construction.

Out With The Old...

...what were they thinking?

In With New !!

So, what do you think ?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A long overdue Day Off.

Work, work, work here can get quite tiresome, so we decided to down tools and hit the coast road for a day away.  We chose the perfect blue sky day and the sun shining.
We stopped at Grants beach, Bonny Hills, Lighthouse Beach, Tacking Lighthouse and Port Macquarie.

Grants Beach.

Bonny Hills.

Lighthouse Beach.

Tacking Lighthouse.

Port Macquarie.

and home again...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This one's for Micky the Mouse

You know who you are ! When I see these pics of the frangipani trees that were (&are) here, I think of how you would love them and of the huge one's that were in Terranora. So this is for you...

I'm hoping this summer, there will be more colour from the collection of frangipani I brought with me, which includes a red ! You can never have too many frangipanis, can you Micky ?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainy Days

So its chucking it down here ! Well I guess it's good for the garden, so they tell me. Hubby is going to love it when that grass starts to grow with the slightest bit of sunlight after the rain LOL. Gets him out...out of my hair !
With the rain is the return of our "water views". I must remember to sell this place on a rainy day for the extra cash...mental note. Pics never do the real scene justice, but the lake that has appeared on the lower acreage must be 50 - 60 meters wide.


And so with rain and soggy soil, out comes the fungi...mushrooms are abundant. I told Hubby to eat one, but he was resistant. I told him they are "magic" LOL.