Monday, November 29, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday...

You know how you feel. You wake up and think "Oh it's Monday again".
Yeah, Yeah, I'm hearing you groan.
This is how it should be EVERY Monday...

Beach Bums !

Tundra says "This is how we spend most mornings Rikki"

Rikki's first beach visit & happy with tail up and trotting. Just loving it !
Rikki in his own Ocean pool.

Tundra says " Now listen up Rikki I told you this family is a good deal !"

Our new resident Lion, laying in the grassy plains.

Already posing for camera.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just Friends !

Tundra & Rikki now friends, posing for the camera.

I can see both their smiles !

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This Is the Result of the Stork visit....

Meet Rikki...
He is a 9 yo Chow Chow that has come to the Island to retire amongst the Gum Trees.
I can't show you all of Rikki right now as he is shy about being a bit 'naked'. Hopefully he will be great mates with Tundra. Rikki has been a city boy, so hopefully he can become a country boy soon.
He is so far the silent handsome type, but I'm sure he will open up soon.
Will keep you updated

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bird Life on the Island

Whilst having a cuppa on the west wing patio , spotted a new bird in the region, of the feathered kind ! This then made me think of posting pics of the local birdlife on the Island, some which I have never seen before, basically as they don't exist in suburbia. These are just a few of the spectacular variety here.

Dollar Bird.

Flies from New Guinea to Australia each year.
This little fellow was doing his show of loop flying in front of his female friend today.

Coucal Pheasant.

A large swooping bird, with a spectacular long splayed feather tail.
This guy makes a spectacular call, usually in the evenings.

Southern Boobook Owl.

Nocturnal Owl, We have not seen, but listen to each night as it has a hypnotic call to gently fall asleep to.

Link to Southern Boobook Call:

Eastern Rosella.

We have a few paired couples living here. They love to shred the bottlebrush flowers, happily hanging upside down to get to the nectar.

Australian Hobby Falcon.

We have a pair nesting in a 16 metre Eucalypt Tree.
 They are very careful to not be seen too much, flying in and out of the nest early morning or in the evening. Can't wait to see the chicks fly !

Channel Billed Cuckoo

These are apparently rarely seen. We only spotted this one when the other birds were attacking it (it got away safely).


Australian Galah.

Aptly named for its silly antics - like behavior. We have a breeding pair in our Angophora tree.
They are nesting in the tree hollow. Seen eating grass seeds on the lawn in the afternoons here.

The Kookaburra.

One of the Kingfisher family and as Aussie as Vegemite, you've gotta love the "Kookie".
Lots of these cheeky birds here. They dive from branches, smashing their bill into the soil, bringing up a mound of soil with worm/bug enclosed.  Their call is so well known as a laugh sound. It wakes you on sunrise, and tucks you in at sunset, like clockwork.