Friday, October 28, 2011

Windows, windows and more windows.

I think Hubby has window making down pat now.
The renovations for the main house have begun.
Quite the window manufacturer he is !
Beautiful timber windows...I have always wanted !

Now...just need him to put them in.
Happy Days !

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chris Isaak at the Apple Store, Sydney - VIP Concert .

We were lucky enough to win a double pass to the Apple Store concert of 80 people of

Waiting for Chris..."I'm over here !"

And the Concert begins inside the Apple Store.

Close enough to really enjoy.

Its like being insdie a goldfish bowl in here - all glass.

But wait... who is that man with Chris??
Seems to be signing something.

Oh Its Jeff with his mate Chris ! (Chris now has noticed a lady next to him)

Jeffs signed CD cover (Note the halo by Chris)

Mr & Mrs. at Darling Harbour Park Royal room view.

Darling Harbour View from the room


Until we see you yet again Mr. Isaak !