Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas on the Island.

So what did you get up to this Chrissie ?
Us? Well here's a little of that time...

Mr. & Mrs. before Christmas Lunch.

The Three Amigos under the tree.

Im watching you Dad !

Kombi collection - gifts

The Eggplants harvested and so so many more to come.
We can supply the whole Island.
Shadow in line for pressies first from under the tree!
There was a BIG bone for him on the day..he continues to eat it.

Frangipanis first flowering
"did you say a BIG bone ? I'm there !"

Waiting for Lunch !
Christmas pudding - home made.
We would have taken a pic of the Pavlova, but alas too late with the camera...all gone !
 We hope your Christmas was perfect too...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday lunch to Gloucester & Stroud

We decided to take a country drive for a Sunday lunch.
Gloucester & Stroud was our destination.
Such pretty, historic places we certainly recommend.

The long windy roads to Gloucester

Looking over the town of Gloucester

Looking at the Gloucester Valley

Main Street Gloucester

Inside Roadies Cafe - Indian Motorcyle.

Roadies Cafe - Ridge Motorcycle.

Stroud Court House

Stroud Post Office.

Stroud House - Convict built with convict made bricks.
Full Cedar interior.

A couple of good lookers in the street - friendly too!

Stroud Post office groupie

Sunday lunch enjoyed in the Mud Brick Cafe, beside the lilly covered pond.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shadow's Second Week, on Island Time.

There has been so many things for Shadow to find, chase, eat, play in, sniff
and generally stick his nose into.
Here's just a few...

Just the thought of going out to play makes Shadow want to run...everywhere !
Shadow has his new rope toy, but really doesn't want to share it with Tundra.

Wrestling is a new daily pastime for these two !

All teeth but lots of love in their eyes.
Puppy love.

Just relaxing inside, watching TV

Not camera shy.

Kisses for Tundra.
Surveying the Estate.

Hoping no one saw what I just did?