Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goodbye Dad

9/9/1932 - 11/9/2010.

Goodbye to my Dad. Thankyou for being mine. You were the Best Dad there ever was, or ever will be.I will Always love you. Rest in peace with Mum now.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fathers Day !

A special day for the Dads. A dad is someone special, one who has been there from our beginnings, who hugged us when we were sad and made us smile when he came home.
I remember the chocolate bar he would hide in the folded newspaper, when he cam home from work  and then we would sit on his knee and he would hand us the paper to find the suprise. There was the "mucky horse story" to cheer us up, the frequent evenings of taking us all down to Whale Beach pool for a swim, during his hard working week, the silly faces he would pull, mucking many warm wonderful memories.
Thank you Dad for all your efforts and love, to do the very best you could, to make us loved and happy.
Remember your Dad, every day and don't forget him on Fathers Day.