Saturday, February 19, 2011

Its Been A While...

I realised I hadn't even made an entry this year, so thought I'd better drop in to let you know we're still here. It's been a busy beginning to the year and the blog page had been neglected. I have not had much time for pics and the weather has been unusually scortching hot - even burnt the succulents!

One thing though, I managed to have some sunflowers this summer.

Cicadas and Summer really go together and at times can be so loud. There have been lots of cicada shells on the trees. Amazing how they spend 17 years underground, then emerge to shell the nematode and evolve as a winged cicada. There was a big beast outside the window...

Tundra has had her summer coat trimmed and here I think she is day dreaming...

Tundra thought she could be all silly around her new boyfriend, Rikki.
Not sure if Rikki is that impressed !

Finally, what would Summer be without the Frangipani