Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beach Bum Dog

Its all a big adventure when you're a puppy dog at heart and you get to go to the Beach ! Lots of wind in you hair, hyperactivity, running in circles, trying to drink ocean water & wondering why it doesn't taste the same as the water at home, frothy bubbles on your chin, sand in your coat, WOW its great !!

"Here we go, here we go....beach beach beach...!!!!"

"Are we there yet, are we there yet? Hurry hurry..."

Tundra is already up the path and on the beach.

Always beats us to the sand.

This is Tundras personal assistant.

Assists in her daily pats too

The luckiest dog on the planet with the entire beach to herself.

Tundra and personal assistant #2, although this one is somewhat reluctant.

Lots of swimming, chasing and dead sea life sniffing, to be done.

"This is my hairy, mucky, scruffy Bum. Want to kiss it?"

"Oh come on staff, hurry up will you!"

And now its time to go home, totally exhausted.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

If You Go Down To The Woods Today.... sure of a BIG suprise !

Tundra sure was *LOL* She was mesmerised by the big "dogs (?)" on the back fence line. She was lookng at them, they were looking at her..looking looking, staring, drooling, sniffing..but not a bark. Good girl Tundra.

I think she has new friends...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

In Memory of Kimba, My Best Friend.

Kimba my very beautiful friend has left us today to play in the big doggie park in heaven. How it hurts to let you go, but I know you are at peace now playing with you bones, splashing on the beach, digging up the garden making really big holes to lie in, barking about all your days activities, eating grass (and anything you can chew), lie on your back and sneeze eveywhere, eat dirt, and letting your new (temporary) staff know what time dinner is by barking at them.

I will so miss you my baby girl. Thanks for being the best puppy who made me laugh and filled my heart with sheer joy I can not put into words. You gave me unconditional love. Thanks Kimba, I love you xx. Barely able to see through the tears as i write these few words for you.... bye Kimba XX

Fingal Beach

Kimba & Tundra.

Kimba & Tundra

Kimba with her bone - just come & get it off me !

Kimba (Top) Tundra (Bottom)

Kimba always loved the camera

The orange dirt twins - Kimba & Tundra

What dirt Mummy?

Smiling as usual

But look into my eyes and tell me you can't resist me ...

The creature under the table...Kimba

Tundra & Kimba. On Kimbas 11th Birthday.

Casual Kimba on her 11th Birthday.
Until I hug you again Kimba, sleep well xx

Monday, October 4, 2010

Spring Brings New Life

*Click on pics for larger & sharper image*

Out of the winter darkness, spring arrives bringing with it new life. Something about the new buds and bursts of colour that brings you a feeling of happiness, warmth and a realisation that life is a cycle.
All the winter gardening work has been rewarded with new blooms, some I didn't even know were there from the previous owner, vege seedlings, and promising fruit tree growth. Go forth and GROW ! ...please....

My very helpful little gardeners

The cactus patch from my parents garden

Buddha overseeing the property

If you look closely you will see our green tree frog friend on her flower trumpet

Likes to look straight into the camera

Mrs Green tree frogs baby

Kookaburra locals

Mums Angel