Sunday, May 22, 2016

It's Ours !

Contracts have finally exchanged. 
Was it just us and our anticipation, or did that take forever?
We went out for another look today - the power poles are going up, Telstras in and the road is slowly progressing.

Looking south

Looking East

Looking NE

The road looking North


Wallabi Beach / Saltwater. 3 Kms  from home.

Saltwater Lagoon.

Wallabi Beach / Saltwater.

Wallabi Beach / Saltwater.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Start of Something New. The Block.

The new block.
5 acres to play with !
4 minutes to Wallabi Beach.
A small enclave of only 8 blocks.
Next step to invite the architect to view the block and its position.

Entry to Wallabi Ridge.

On the property, facing North.

North East aspect.

East aspect.

North East & Jeff hightailing it out at the thought of building AGAIN.

Looking North up the street from the block.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Times they are a changin'......

Very early days,(and a long time since we have visited here,)but there is a change of address about to happen. We have been lucky enough to find 5 acres that we can build our dream home on.

In the meanwhile I will ask my girl to upload the pics and story of our recent Hawaiian trip, nearly two weeks spent in an absolute paradise,to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary !

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Visitor.

For Ms Jayda...
Today we had an early morning visitor.
Had we known there would have been an extra friend for breakfast, we would have been prepared.

She is a swamp wallaby.

and then she hopped away...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Organic Gardening on the Island

This year we have had the best results with our summer produce.
We don't use any chemicals at all.
Instead we net some beds and we are fortunate to have one special natural bug remover...
This one is on an eggplant. They are all through the garden beds, eating all the freeloaders.

A green tree frog in the frangipani tree.
A newly hatched cricket we just happened to see.
Amazing wings and colour.
A cicada just hatched.
These live underground for 17 years as a nymph and crawl to the surface and hatch and lay eggs.
Life cycle when hatched is short.
They are the biggest we have ever seen them this year and incredibly noisy!!

You can see the shells of the ones before, that hatched (left).

They appear white / pale but later have a brown patterning as they mature.

They attach themselves to the trees to hatch.

Fully emerged and drying its wings.
(click on image for a bigger pic).
You can see the size of the Cicada in my hand and its developed colours.
Totally harmless too.
This butterfly was caught in the greenhouse. We let it out and landed on the Hibiscus -
what are the chances of getting this shot?
You can see the pollen on his wings as he feeds on the nectar (yellow pollen).
The budding rose bush.

This was planted in memory of June Rose.

And she's blooming this year.
Lastly, the two knuckleheads. You know them !

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas on the Island 2013

So this is Christmas....
Peace to all.
We have made a decision to go vegetarian.
I have to say, we did not miss the traditional meat at all.
We made a vegetarian wellington with all the traditional roast vegetables. It was delicious.
Of course we did make a fruit pudding and pavlova !
Jeff preparing the fruit mince pie pastries.

Jeff & a very hopeful Shadow in the kitchen.
Preparing the layers in the Vegetable Wellington.

It has char grilled eggplant, capsicum, artichoke and a layer of creamed rice within the pastry.
Voila ! Wellington.
Fruit mince pies cooling on the rack.
Santa's on the table.
It must be Christmas !

Oh the Pavlova....mmmm
The main feast, minus a beast !

Popping the cork.
Pudding !

Its a big day for a big puppy.
Merry Christmas to all x