Saturday, July 21, 2012

Manning Manor reno's continue.

Who the hell thought that doing renovations in the absolute middle of winter was a good idea?
But as it has well and truly started and there is no stopping it now.
Just have to keep throwing money at it....buckets of it!

But it has completely transformed the look, and most importantly the feel of our country manor.

The title of our home has been "named" by a very special girl in our life, thank you!

Furniture removed & ready for start of demolition.

Pretty much the same shot as above, from the bedroom passage "wing"
Raked ceiling with new laminated timber beams and timber lined ceiling.
New 10 lite timber joinery doors, facing north to catch the warming winter sun.
Two highlight  louvre windows to create natural drawing draught during summer.
Looking through the aluminium glass sliding door - soon to be banished !

Now looking through the over sized cedar sliding timber door.

Thank goodness for a warm combustion fire as the walls truly are paper thin !
See next pic....
Nothing but blue paper between us and the critters.
New 10 lite doors and start of new weather boards. Colour yet to be chosen, but undercoat blue does look smashing !

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Manning Manor progress.

Its cold, but progress continues. We have weatherboards !! Glass is in the new windows. Old front door gone. Stained glass windows in.

Mr. Fix-it

Site Dog.

Stained Glass windows.