Monday, May 28, 2012

Grandpa & Grandma's Favorite Little Germ Comes To Visit

We had a visit from a special little someone and her staff...

Here is Miss JKB in her new Gumboots from Grandma (which she never wanted to take off !) and her Banana muffin made by Grandma upon arrival. JKB is testing out Grandpa's new deck.

 JKB with her much loved and devoted staff.

JKB doing the inspections of the new extensions of Grandpa's.
Grandpa says that Son in Law, Pete, must earn his keep!

The Girls supervising the Job.

Grandpa hard at work making a new timber & stone home for Grandma.

 Princess JKB with her new polar bear sleep sack...
(nicknamed Shadow after her new best friend)

and JKB's Tinker Bell pillow.

JKB modelling this seasons Grandma Fashions, made especially for JKB.
Haute Couture only for this little lady !

Visiting the Beach - This is the most Northerly beach on our Island.

 Everyday is a sunny, blue sky day here..

Shadow & JKB are now new, best friends forever.