A few recipes that are tried and tested for their yumminess and ease of making. One thing that really puts me off cooking is a long laborious recipe, that is eaten in 3 minutes. So recipes here are minimal input with maximum taste. Life's too short to wait for good food.

Home Made Yoghurt.

This takes time to ferment, but actual hands on time to create, is very little. It makes lovely, healthy natural yoghurt that can be for sweet or savory dishes, at a third of the cost of buying in stores.

1 litre full cream milk
5 Tablespoons powdered milk (lite or full cream OK)
2 Tablespoons natural yoghurt (Must contain Lacto Bacillus culture) *Jalna is ideal.

Heat milk to 85oC (if no thermometer - until small bubbles form on inner ring of pan)
Add powdered milk & stir in
Take off heat & allow to cool to 41 - 48oC (or place a drop on wrist and if you cant feel the milk its good).
Add Yoghurt culture & stir through.
Place liquid into sterile jars or containers*
Store in a warm place for 6 hours (I place in oven on lowest setting to where light initially comes on).

Sterilise jars by placing in a hot oven at 150oC for 5 mins, on their sides, lids off. Remove with tongs. Allow to cool before placing liquid in.