Saturday, May 11, 2013

Well What Do Ya Know...

Well things are evolving here.
 Some more of the renovations are completed, a year after they began.
The new combustion fire is in with timber wall, mantle and stone tile floor.
After many frustrating phone calls to tilers, pinning one down and then being stood up, Hubby has done the tiling himself. I must say its a superb job, better than any tiler.
The garden is showing winter flowers and the winter vegie patch is up and seedlings are in.
All in all, looking fabulous.

So cosy now, just in time for the winter.
This is Fern. She has decided to live with us on the Island.

She seems first.
The Bird of Paradise has flowered for the first time.
The bromiliads are in flower.

Vege patch full of winter seedlings.
Tundra turned 11 this month - Happy Birthday my girl !
Shadow enjoys teasing Tundra behind the (safe) glass.
Simple things amuse..